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Coffee Enemas

What is the proper position to use while taking an enema?

There is some controversy about the best position for taking an enema, as conventional protocol is backwards from Dr. Gerson's instructions. Most doctors and nurses are taught to have the patient lie on the left side while taking their enema. Dr. Gerson insisted that the best position was for the patient to lie on their right side, legs comfortably pulled up, relaxed and breathing deeply.

Lying on the right side allowed gravity to assist in passing the coffee flow past the descending colon, just around the 'corner' of the splenic flexure and into the transverse colon for higher penetration and better release of toxic wastes.


Lie on right side, with both legs drawn close to the abdomen, and breathe deeply in order to suck the greatest amount of fluid into all parts of the colon. Retain the fluid 10 - 15 minutes. After 10-12 minutes all caffeine is absorbed from the fluid. It goes through the haemorrhoidal veins directly into the portal veins and into the liver. The coffee enemas are to stimulate the liver, effecting an increased production of bile, an opening of the bile ducts and greater flow of bile into the bowel. *

At the start of the treatment and during 'flare-ups', the bile contains poisons, produces spasms in the duodenum and small intestines and causes some overthrow into the stomach, with resultant feeling of nausea or even vomiting of bile. In these cases, great amounts of peppermint tea are necessary to wash out bile from the stomach.

Thereafter, patients feel much easier and more comfortable.

* This is called a liver flush and is helpful in clearing up other illnesses - even a cold. 


Take 3 tablespoons of ground (drip) coffee (not instant) to 1 quart of water; let it boil 3 minutes and then simmer 15 minutes more. Strain and use at body temperature. The daily amount can be made at one time (a coffee concentrate can be made then diluted to required strength).

Double strength brew is 6 Tablespoons of coffee to 1 litre of boiling water (mark in kettle-just over 4 cups). Simmer 15 minutes. Dilute 50:50 and use at body temperature.

Very few people (Joyce Pearce suggests) can hold 1 litre in the rectum as Gerson recommends. Just hold what you can.

Use olive oil as a lubricant. Lie on your right side (or squat?) and insert rectal tube 2 - 4 inches into the rectum after clearing the tube of air. Control flow with pump or by pinching the tube. Breathe with the diaphragm by placing the hand on the abdomen and making the hand go up and down with the breath. This helps relaxation and allows for better retention.

When all coffee has run in, leave tube in rectum. Hold if possible for 15 minutes before expelling.

Wash and prepare equipment for next enema. Ensure that all equipment is sterilized and all enema solutions are sterile.



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