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Frequency Generators for Sale

We offer an excellent range of Frequency Generators.  Here are some examples:


High Powered
Top of the Line
Radiant (Plasma Tube) Rife-Bare Device
Ideal for Home & Clinic use
Large Rife Machine

    - our  most popular Frequency Generator

Advanced & versatile


Full Spectrum Contact Device

Ideal for Home & Clinic use
Amazing Package Deal now available

Please enquire at the Rife Centre for further information.


Our most affordable & easy to use Frequency Generator
Ideal for Home or Travel
349 Health Sequences pre-programmed
Rife and Hulda Clark Frequencies
100 empty channels to save your selected sequences

F-Scan COMPACTClick on the image
for details about the COMPACT

The Frequency generators we have for sale range from the top-of-the-line bulb machine (The PERL) to the most economical model (The COMPACT).  In the middle price range we offer our most popular frequency instrument.  It comes in a  fabulous package, complete with carry case and all the optional extras.  This unit is ideal for clinic or home use alike.

Enquire about which model best suits your condition and budget.

When you purchase a Frequency generator from Rife Centre Christchurch Ltd you receive:

Your individualised Programme (incl. programming and set-up on your Frequency generator if required)
Manufacturer's Warranty
Local Back-up and Support
Benefit from our expertise with hundreds of people!



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