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If you are serious about recovering your health from any chronic illness, you will need a SERIOUS JUICER!

If you wish to have several fresh juices a day, (e.g. for the Gerson protocol) then you need superb quality juices from a top quality juicer, like the Greenstar GS-1000.

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Click on the images to see a large, readable page from the Juicer's manual

Ask us how we can save you an hour a day on your juicing programme! Ph 03 379 5200.

Start your juicing programme with our juice recipes here:

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Green Juice


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Carrot & Apple

More information on the Gerson programme here: The Gerson Therapy

Take advantage of our extra special deal on a Greenstar juicer.  Get your coupon for a free upgrade to the GS-2000 SE model from the Rife Centre. Ph 03 379 5200.

Green Star Elite top-of-the-line Juicer

We also offer a cost-effective manual juicer, the Tribest Z Star Manual Juicer.  Enquire at the Rife Centre Ph (03) 379 5200.

Tribest Z Star Manual Juicer



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