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I started to feel better than I had in years!
Diabetes - Free to produce natural insulin again
Annus Scarybilus
Life begins again for a Chronic Fatigue Patient - 2003
Marilyn's Story
Energy & Stamina
Billís Testimonial

"There are three steps in the revelation of any truth: In the first it is ridiculed; in the second resisted; in the third it is considered self-evident."  Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

I started to feel better than I had in years!

I first came to Rife wondering why as a usually fairly slim woman I was starting to feel bloated and suddenly putting on weight.  I had developed endometriosis at a late age AFTER having a baby and couldn't work out what was going wrong.

After having Rife and talking to Shirley I finally came to understand that all the problems I had seemed to stem from being sensitive to chemical overload - my body becoming toxic due to daily exposure to everyday chemicals found in usual household products!

By using a combination of herbs and Rife treatment I started to feel better than I had in years!

Now thanks to trying to keep coming to Rife every few weeks and keeping a close eye on exposure to chemicals I can monitor my health and stay well!

E.S. - Christchurch, NZ

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Diabetes - Free to produce natural insulin again

My name is Murray.  I have Type II Diabetes and have been insulin dependent for approx. the last 20 years and have gradually had to increase the insulin injection dose until I was taking 80 units of long-acting (12 hour) Humulin insulin each morning and evening, plus 25 units of short-acting Humalog insulin with each meal (3 times per day).

Early in 2009 I was diagnosed with Liver carcinoma which was untreatable with conventional medicine.  At this stage I opted to try Rife treatment.

After approx. 3 months of treatment (August 2009), I suddenly noticed that my blood sugars were dropping dramatically, so I had to reduce my insulin intake. This meant the 12 hour insulin doses had to be stopped immediately!!!

Shortly after upon monitoring my blood sugar levels, I had to reduce the short acting insulin doses to where I now only have to take 25 units with the breakfast meal, and in most cases I need only put in something like 10 units with my evening meal, and in many evenings I need take none at all except the breakfast dose.

I am certain that the pancreatic flukes in the pancreas were destroyed by the Rife treatment thus leaving the pancreas free now to produce natural insulin again.

Murray - Christchurch, NZ

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Annus Scarybilus

Over a few months last year I had a weight loss of one and a half stone, then had a celulitis infection in my feet in August.  A blood test showed a raised white cell count and recommended investigation for lymphoma, myeloma and various other tests.

My first appointment at the Haematology department was in early October.  The doctor described myeloma and drew a diagram of a bone with dots down the middle for the marrow and curves to show how the cancerous cells ate the inside of the bones which would then snap across at those points (oops, no more line-dancing).

When I told Shirley I had myeloma her recommendation was that I come to Rife for treatment three times a week for a month, take a mineral supplement and do a detoxification.  I started this in November.

At the next Haematology appointment in December I was checked over and found that I had more weight loss, probably due to an infected tooth which was extracted in November.  A mammogram with ultra-sound and a CATscan was ordered and I realized that they were looking for tumours.  A further shock came when the specialist said "there's really not much we can do for you" - interpreted, this means that there is no cure for myeloma.  They wait until tumours develop from the calcium in the bloodstream then blast them with Radiotherapy.

I felt so well at this time that none of this seemed quite real.  I was still having Rife treatments twice a week right through until the next appointment in early February.  The results were clear and I had regained the lost weight.  The specialist was very pleased with the results and said there was only a ten percent chance of developing full blown myeloma.  He said" elderly people frequently develop leukemia which isn't diagnosed until they fall and break a hip".  (What's this elderly?  I'm only 74!!)

I credit the Rife treatments and the supplements with regaining my appetite and my present weight.  I now feel better than I have in years and will continue Rife treatments until the next blood test in August 2005.

P.L.  - Christchurch, NZ

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Life begins again for a Chronic Fatigue Patient

My introduction to Rife treatment happened four years ago when, at the age of 44, I was seriously ill with Chronic Fatigue and micromercurialism Ė mercury toxicity from my amalgam  fillings, and had been jaundiced from a liver struggling to cope. (For years I was a distinctive shade of yellow).  After my first few Rife treatments, I would have some real energy (such a bonus!) for one day, and then fall 'flat on my face' again for two days until my next treatment. Gradually my energy began to last longer, until my next Rife treatment every three days or so.  As a chronic fatigue patient with no energy with which to run my life, the energy I got from Rife treatment truly felt like 'manna from heaven'.  

Although I had also used juices and nutrition, supplements etc, to build myself up, the energy that I got from the Rife treatment was self-evident.  Only just recently has my mother acknowledged to me that those years ago she thought she was going to lose her daughter, and today I certainly no longer qualify for a diagnosis of chronic fatigue.  I have learnt not to take this for granted though, as I meet more and more chronic fatigue patients, not all of whom are recovering.  Some have been suffering for up to forty years, and sadly many more young people are being struck with it, some while still in high school.  I was unable to find help from conventional treatments, so I count my blessings to have had access to Rife treatment when I needed it, and I still like to use weekly sessions to keep my energy levels topped up.

S. M.  - Christchurch, NZ

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Marilyn's Story

My name is Marilyn, and I was diagnosed with an inoperable astrocycoma (brain tumour) in February 2000. Radiation was not an option either. The onset was very rapid-it's a fast-growing tumour, and I was only expected to live less than 5 months.

I started Rife treatment at the end of February 2000, went three times a week for about 8 months, then a scan showed that the tumour had stopped growing, was dead and appeared like a shrivelled apple core. I then did Rife treatment twice weekly for another six months and the next scan showed no further growth. I then continued weekly for three years, and now have my fortnightly top-up.

Right from the beginning of Rife treatment my headaches reduced and I began to sleep better, so soon had more energy.  I intend to keep coming to Rife to keep healthy.

Marilyn  - Christchurch, NZ

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Energy & Stamina

For the last 2 Ė 3 years, I suffered from headaches and tiredness, especially if I stayed up late.  I also had intermittent asthma attacks from when I was about 20 [I am now 48].

My work as a carpenter, joiner and cabinetmaker has subjected my body to many solvents, paints, oils and chemicals.  My hobby of motorcycles also introduced greases, oils and petrol to my body.  I think that these toxins in my body have a lot to do with my headaches and tiredness.

Organic food has been a part of my diet for many years, but this has not been enough to help alleviate my headaches and tiredness.

In December 2004, a friend told me a little bit about a Rife machine, and suggested that it could possibly help me.  I decided to take her advice and give this machine a go.

I have found this machine to be of great benefit to me.  My energy and stamina has returned Ė I can stay up late and not get a headache the next day.  I have only had 2 asthma attacks since starting the Rife treatment Ė and they were due to house dust [I am allergic to house dust].  Just recently, I discovered some lumps on my face [my Doctor called them ďage spotsĒ], which I sometimes cut the tops off whilst shaving, have started to reduce in size.  One has nearly disappeared.  I believe that these lumps are where my body has stored toxins that it could not get rid of.  The Rife machine has come along and has helped to detoxify my body.

I have also been taking a mineral supplement, and I have found this to be wonderfully effective.  It has helped give my body the nutrients that it needs, and as a result, I have had an increase in energy levels, and I feel really good.  Some days I work 11 to 12 hours, and I donít feel absolutely stuffed when I get home.

I am still receiving Rife treatment each week, as there are still a lot of toxins in my body that I want to get rid of.

L. P.   - Christchurch, NZ

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Billís Testimonial

My name is Bill.  On Christmas Eve 2003 I got the result of a biopsy that confirmed I had prostate cancer, and according to the urologist my condition was inoperable.

To make matters worse, at 1am Christmas morning I was admitted to hospital with chest pain, and informed I had suffered a heart attack.  I was told I could have Cortison injections every three months, and this would probably keep the cancer at bay.  I agreed to this.

I had a P.S.A. blood cell count of 64.0 at this time, and did not have much going for me.

At this time a friend of a friend told me about RIFE treatment.  I went to a meeting and watched a video, and decided to have a session three times a week for two months, and also carried on with the injections.  I had a blood test after two months and my P.S.A. blood count was 0.4.  I then decided to have one RIFE session per week, and still do, to hopefully have a full and happy life.

My P.S.A. blood count is now 0.1 and I am still working and enjoying every day.

Bill  - Christchurch, NZ

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