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Welcome to the Rife Centre Christchurch

Resonant Frequency Technology - 21st Century Technology discovered in 1930’s!

Dr Royal RifeDeveloped by scientist Dr Royal Rife (USA) in the 1930's, he discovered that every organism has its own resonant frequency.  Based on the principle of sympathetic resonance- where, for example, an opera singer can shatter a crystal glass if she sings the right note, Dr Rife reported being able to destroy a given virus or bacterium by transmitting its own resonant frequency.

Royal Rife, seen here with his other invention - a high-powered microscope, capable of showing live single-cell organisms


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Worldwide thousands of people have experienced the benefits of Resonant Frequencies.


In the words of Dr Ben Johnson

"We are now entering the era of energy medicine. Everything in the Universe has a frequency and all you have to do is change a frequency or create an opposite frequency. That's how easy it is to change anything in the world, whether that's disease or emotional issues or whatever that is. This is huge. This is the biggest thing we have ever come across."


What People are saying about their experience with Resonant Frequency Technology

"I first came to Rife wondering why as a usually fairly slim woman I was starting to feel bloated and suddenly putting on weight. I had developed endometriosis at a late age AFTER having a baby and couldn't work out what was going wrong... By using a combination of herbs and Rife treatment I started to feel better than I had in years! Now thanks to trying to keep coming to Rife every few weeks and keeping a close eye on exposure to chemicals I can monitor my health and stay well!"   -E.S.,  Chch
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“For the last 2 – 3 years, I suffered from headaches and tiredness, and intermittent asthma attacks. In Dec 04 I started Rife treatment, and my energy and stamina have returned, and I have had very few asthma attacks since. Some days now I work 11 or 12 hours, and don’t feel absolutely stuffed when I get home.”   -L.P., Chch
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“In Oct 04, after a weight loss of one and a half stone and extreme tiredness, I was diagnosed with myeloma and after 6 months investigation, told “there’s not really much we can do for you”. During this time I did Rife treatment until Feb 05 when I had regained the lost weight and the specialist was very pleased with my results. I now feel better than I have in years.”   -P.L., Chch
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"As a chronic fatigue patient who had no energy with which to run my life, the energy I got from Rife treatment truly felt like ‘manna from heaven’, and today I certainly no longer qualify for a diagnosis of chronic fatigue. I was unable to find help from conventional treatments, so I count my blessings to have had access to Rife treatment when I needed it.” - S.M., Chch
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Cancer Cure Book

Not only about cancer, it documents the


According to the May 4, 1938 Evening Tribune, San Diego newspaper, "Dread Disease Germs Destroyed By Rays, claim of S.D. Scientist".

As interviewed by Newell Jones in The Evening Tribune, San Diego, Friday May 6, 1938, Dr. Rife "announced his work in the conservative manner of scientists, but his reports indicated the great promise in the telling of successful bombardment of thousands of cultures of organisms. Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, the tumor resembling cancer but not so mortal as it; deadly streptococcus infection, typhoid fever, staphylococcus infection and two forms of leprosy were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves. He said that his laboratory experiments indicated that the method could be used successfully and safely on organisms at work in living tissues. "We do not wish at this time," Rife commented, " to claim that we cured cancer, or any other disease, for that matter. But we can say that these waves or the 'ray' has the power of devitalizing disease organisms, of 'killing' them, when tuned to an exact particular wave length, or frequency, for each different organism."

Later in the same article, Newell Jones writes:

"Organisms Writhe

And, watched under the microscope, the organisms seem to do just that. When the ray is directed upon them, they are seen to behave very curiously, some kinds do literally disintegrate, and others writhe as if in agony and finally gather together in deathly unmoving clusters. Brief exposure to the tuned frequencies, Rife commented, brings the fatal reactions. In some organisms, it happens in seconds. After the organisms have been bombarded, the laboratory reports show they are dead. They have become devitalized and no longer exhibit life, do not propagate their kind and produce no disease when introduced into the bodies of experimental animals."

"Now, he reported, the mortal oscillatory rates for many, many organisms have been found and recorded and the ray can be tuned to a germ's recorded frequency and turned upon that organism with assurance that the organism will be killed."

Practical applications of this discovery appeared to be almost limitless!

Over the last 60 years, many Rife experimenters worldwide have been conducting their own research into finding mortal oscillatory rates for many more organisms and to find frequencies to assist with relief of pain for many different conditions.  See CAFL list.

Paramecium Caudatum - Exposed to 1150 Hz - Undergoing Evisceration and Disintegration, from Plasma Wave ( exploding Blepharisma organism after exposure to a plasma wave)

Some All Blacks have used Resonance Frequency Sessions to get back onto the field faster after Rugby injuries.

¬¬¬  A Drug-free Approach ¬¬¬

Established in 2003, the Rife Centre Christchurch uses some of the most powerful clinic-model frequency devices available.  We are able to treat a group of people at once, making sessions very affordable.

We also have some of the most powerful and effective handhold frequency devices available for use in the clinic.  We can source a wide range of frequency units (plasma, handhold and others) for sale at very competitive prices.  Please enquire at the Rife Centre or through our Online Enquiry.

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Do I have to take anything during Resonant Frequency Sessions?

It is recommended that clients drink up to EIGHT full glasses of water a day, after sessions, to remove toxic waste from the body.  But then, that's what we should all be doing anyway!

What do Resonant Frequency Sessions involve?

It couldn’t be easier – just sit and relax with others, and chat or read a magazine for an hour or so. 

Individual Sessions available by appointment

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